Handmade Iron Ring

This is the project I’m most proud of.  (link to walkthrough below)

For those who are unaware, Canadian Engineers earn an “iron ring” which is presented to them at a special ceremony near the end of their degree. It’s a great concept – reminds us that we’re one link in the community of engineers, that we’re one of many but important in our own right. It encourages community and ethical practice.

I’d been looking forward to earning my ring since I decided to pursue engineering, so I was pretty devastated when the ceremony didn’t have the magic I was expecting from my dad and brother’s anecdotes – no hall with stained glass windows, no hooded figures, no feeling of becoming part of something bigger than myself. I didn’t feel like I’d earned my ring.

A good friend of mine had lost his ring while hiking over the summer and I’d been playing with the idea of making him a replacement. Sure, he could just write to the organization and request a new one, but where’s the magic in that? He actually found it eventually, but that’s not part of this story.

During my ceremony, I decided to prove to myself that I’d earned my ring by making a ring for this friend.

Here is a walkthrough of the process.

It took a few tries and a couple design modifications, but I was so proud of the result that I made a second one as a touchstone for myself.