Word Clock

Inspired by a “Make:” project, I partnered with a friend to design and fabricate a quirky digital alarm clock that spells out the current time.  Check out the youtube video at the end of this post for a demo of the clock’s functions.

I was responsible for the electronics and fabrication; my partner programmed the Arduino to control the clock. Take a look at his beautiful github compilation here.

We used a DS1307 RTC to “remember” the time – I modeled the circuit in Protel and fabricated it on a PCB milling machine, and we used two MAX7219 LED drivers to control the individual LEDs from an Arduino.  I used autoCAD for the lettering layout, and fabricated it on a lasercutter.

More technical information can be found in our PowerPoint presentation – make sure you click on the “Notes” button at the bottom right!



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