Christmas Presents

In 2013 I made personalized Chritmas presents for my family.

1. I made the image of the thunderbird in AutoCAD, based on the picture below of my Opa with our fancy red tbird.  Deciding which parts to keep, and how to styalize the shadow underneath for a minimalistic (but very recognizable!) image was a lot of fun.  The picture on the right shows the laser cutter with all the rastering complete, completing the last pass to cut the image out of the plywood.

opa and car              laser car

2. Salt Spring Island necklace and ornament

This one was based off the profile of Salt Spring Island.


3. Bastion-themed cuff bracelet

Made from a leather belt, I tried to incorporate the feel of the computer game Bastion – note the vines on the left and the hint of a gear on the right.

Cuff bracelet

4. Bike tire belt

After washing an old bike tire several times, I fastened one end around a belt buckle, with a gasket ring as a loop for the tail end, and I drilled out holes to adjust the belt’s tightness.

christmas presents

Making these projects was a lot of fun, and my family really liked the results too!